What I Ate Today – 8/16/12

I had a pre-breakfast snack of some mixed nuts this morning.  Felt too lazy to actually see to breakfast yet.  As it turned out, breakfast wasn’t much fuss, anyway.  I had a bowl of alfredo sauce.  Yes, by itself, eaten like soup.  When something tastes that amazing, why distract from it?

For lunch I did the reverse.  I had about 1/3 cup of alfredo sauce and then some nuts.

For dinner, I had something different!  I sauteed chicken breast with Mexican spices, then served it with lettuce, tomatoes, onion, sour cream, and cheese.  This was one of those handy meals where my husband and son can easily adapt what I’m having into something they prefer with more carbs.

The next morning, I’d re-lost the two-tenths of a pound I’d gained the day before.

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