What I Ate Today – 10/16/12

I have a weakness for my low-carb chicken tenders, so I tend to eat more than I really need to. I decided to cook some zucchini the same way so I don’t get as much protein (which raises insulin). Not bad! I haven’t made fried zucchini in a while, so I forgot to salt them and let them sit for a while before breading, but I was otherwise very pleased with the results. I’m sure I’ll be having this often.
The breading is made from almond meal, parmesan cheese, a little ground flax, onion powder, garlic powder, pepper, and salt. I dipped the coins in a beaten egg first, swished them through the breading, then fried them in coconut oil.

It’s my daughter’s turn to bring the snack for Girl Scout’s again. For this fruit cup, I used sugar-free strawberry Jell-O on the bottom, to which I added some blueberries, raspberries, and a single big strawberry. The next layer is sugar-free orange Jell-O with pieces of pear. I topped off the whole thing with some fresh, sugar-free whipped cream. The sprinkles are just regular cake sprinkles (I figured it’s not that much), but I’ve dyed erythritol before. Today is a warm day, so I thought Jell-O and fruit would be refreshing, yet the colors mirror the beautiful autumn trees we’ve been enjoying. Yes, I like to make my desserts symbolic!


I was kind of in a bind for dinner tonight. I had some thawed hamburger meat that I really needed to use, but I didn’t have any specific plans for it. So I sauteed a couple of chopped onions with a diced red bell pepper while I steamed a pound of frozen cauliflower in the microwave. When the veggies in the pan were just starting to brown, I added my pound (maybe a little more) of meat, added some powdered garlic, covered it, and let it cook while I drained and then pulsed the cauliflower in the food processor just a couple of times (going for a coarse chop to simulate pasta). I added this to the pan and let the whole thing simmer till the meat was done. Drained it, then added half a can of chicken stock. To the other half, I added about 3/4 teaspoon of xanthan gum, whizzed it up pretty good with my stick blender, then added it to the pan. Added about half a pound of cheddar cheese, some salt, and about 1/3 cup cream. When my husband asked what was for dinner, I didn’t know what to call it, so I said, “Low-Carb Hamburger Helper.” He said he liked it. Daughter loved it. Veggie-hating son wouldn’t go near it, but I expected that.

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Powdered Energy Drinks

I’ve really been enjoying powdered “energy” drinks from Crystal Light and Great Value (Walmart) recently.  Yeah, they’re full of artificial everything (including aspartame), but they do hit the spot.  Each box comes with ten foil tubes that you tear open and dump into a half-liter bottle of water (or, in my case, a glass with two cups of water).

The flavors are great, and there’s a lot of variety, which is the one feature that lures me in more than anything else.  I like that I can have strawberry one day and grape the next without worrying about bottles of soda going flat (or taking up room in the fridge).

These drink mixes are also cheaper than soda.  Each box ($2 or less) would make the equivalent of about two and a third 2-liter bottles.  And they’re a lot easier to carry home.

The “energy” component is just a side benefit.  Each tube has 120 mg of caffeine, so don’t go crazy chugging down bottle after bottle.  I do like a little caffeine, and these cost no more than the “to go” mixes without caffeine.  If these cost significantly more than the non-caffeinated drink mixes, I wouldn’t bother with them.

The mixes are listed as having no carbs, but they have 10 calories per tube. In my math, that’s about 2.5 g of carbs, but they get away with saying zero by utilizing the FDA’s loose rules on the subject.

If you don’t object to the chemicals and can afford the extra carbs, these are a nice little perk-up to have on hand.

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What I Ate Today – 9/23/12

Low-carb pumpkin pudding topped with whipped cream. I mixed canned pumpkin with cream cheeses, cream, vanilla, erythritol, EZ Sweetz, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and cloves.

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What I Ate Today – 9/20/12

At breakfast this morning, I didn’t have enough chocolate waffle batter left for two waffles, so I made one chocolate and one vanilla. The combination felt sinfully decadent. Of course I topped them off with sugar-free chocolate syrup and whipped cream.

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What I Ate Today – 9/19/12

I had low-carb chocolate waffles again this morning, getting a little fancy with the sugar-free chocolate syrup.

For dinner tonight I made beef stew. For vegetables, I used onion, red bell pepper, mushrooms, and carrots (surprisingly low-carb when used in stew quantities). I thickened the sauce with xanthan gum and gelatin. On the side, we had low-carb cheddar biscuits.


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