What I Ate Today – 9/17/12

For breakfast today, I had a chocolate waffle with whipped cream.

For lunch I had a few prepackaged meatballs, but then I felt a little sick, so I had some orange Jell-O.  Later I was still feeling hungry, so I tried something new: Peanut butter mixed with coconut oil.

I scooped up about a tablespoon of each, plus one drop of EZ-Sweetz (equal to one packet of Splenda).  A briefly microwaved the lot to make it easier to mix, and this made both of them very liquidy.  At first I thought the experiment was a terrible mistake.  The oil seemed to overwhelm the peanut butter, and, quite frankly, it looked kind of gross.  But eventually the two incorporated.

I hesitantly tasted the still-warm mixture and was surprised to find that it was absolutely delicious, and it had such a wonderful, creamy texture.  I dunked my spoon in this a few times, then I decided to try it solid, so I popped it in the freezer.  It froze solid within minutes, but it was easy to pop out bites of it (with that much oil, obviously it’s not going to stick).  It was good frozen, too!  I let it sit a few minutes until it thawed out but was still cold, and it was good like that.  Later, I made a batch for my daughter and mixed it up without heating, and I found that it was good at room temperature as well.  How many foods can you eat warm, at room temperature, cold, and frozen, and it’s good in all four states?

This was an impressively satisfying and filling snack.  I’ll definitely have it again!

For dinner I had Buffalo wings with blue cheese dressing.  I was still kind of full from my snack, so I only had six of them.  Later on, I had some more orange Jell-O.

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