What I Ate Today – 8/12/12

I had low-carb waffles layered with cottage cheese mixed with blueberries (sweetened with several drops of EZ-Sweetz) again this morning.  I needed to use up the cottage cheese, plus I tend to eat something several times in a row if I really like it.

So, not surprisingly, for lunch I had alfredo sauce with rotisserie chicken left over from last night.  Afterwards, I had a spoonful of natural peanut butter.

For dinner I had some packaged, pre-cooked strips of steak from Costco with some ketchup.  Unfortunately, I’m out of low-sugar ketchup, so I picked up a few unnecessary carbs here, but not enough to worry about.  This is a small, dessert-sized plate, by the way.  When I’m low-carbing, I find that it doesn’t take nearly as much to fill me.



Afterwards, I had a sugar-free cherry Popsicle.

Update: The next morning, I had gained two-tenths of a pound. I don’t necessarily consider this an indictment of what I ate this day; I know I’m going to see disheartening (and totally unjustified!) fluctuations like this.  That’s okay.  Losing weight is only a nice side benefit to eating low-carb.  My primary objective is the health benefits.

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