What I Ate Today – 8/14/12

The indexing bots are going to think this is a blog about blueberry waffles.  Nevertheless, that’s what I had for breakfast again this morning:  a low-carb waffle topped with thawed blueberries and sucralose-sweetened whipped cream.  I only had enough batter left for one waffle, but that was okay.

For lunch I had leftover swiss-bacon-mushroom chicken soup from last night.  There wasn’t too much of the “soup,” left, though; it was mostly just chicken and mushrooms.  

For dinner, my husband announced that he wanted hot dogs since we had some bread (a rarity in our house, even though he hasn’t been low-carbing).  I thought long and hard about what my daughter and I (she started low-carbing with me) could eat our hot dogs on.  I didn’t really feel like baking some kind of low-carb buns (I had a headache, which I believe was hormonal, not ketotic, since I’ve been solidly in ketosis for a number of days).  Fortunately, she decided to eat leftovers of the chicken, so I didn’t have to worry about her.

I saw a video of Julia Child cooking an omelet a few days ago, and she made it look so good, I’d been craving eggs ever since (even though I generally don’t like eggs I’ve personally cooked).  I decided to cut up some hot dogs and cook them with an egg.  Yeah, I like that kind of thing!  To punch it up a bit, I added some onion and red bell pepper, which I cooked until the onion was starting to caramelize.  I only used two eggs (albeit jumbo ones), a little cream, and salt and pepper.  Much to my surprise, I loved it!  It was so good, I wished I’d made three eggs.  My picky, non-vegetable-eating son saw me cooking it (and smelled it), and he asked if he could have the same thing, but without vegetables.  He loved it, too (it helped that we were using good hot dogs, and I’m sure he got some of the nice onion flavor leftover in the pan).

After dinner, my daughter asked if we could have some more whipped cream, so later on I made some and mixed in blueberries.  It made for a great bedtime snack, and the next morning I didn’t wake up hungry.  And I’d lost six-tenths of a pound.

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